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MARINAFor boaters, the difference between a good marina experience and a great marina experience is Customer Service Excellence.

Gain repeat business and have your customers refer other boaters to your marina with employees trained and certified in Customer Service.

In this competitive business environment, stay ahead of the curve and have your slips and docks filled to capacity because your team can satisfactorily handle customer requests and situations with ease and skill.

Gain the recognition of having your team certified as customer service professionals.

Marina Customer Service Training provides front-line staff with observable "mission critical" skills training they need to tackle today's fast paced customer interactions on the dock and in the office.

MCSTCert200Customer Service Specialist Certificate
You may earn the Customer Service Specialist designation by successfully completing the curriculum.

Act now. Earn your certificate!

Certificate is provided by Sales Training International, Customer Service Training Division.

Individual Tuition is only $25.00

Tuition provides 12 full months of unlimited access 24/7/365 to all courses and resources in this site.

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Mission Critical customer care skills taught in courses designed for both telephone and face-to-face interactions: These are self-paced courses therefore the time estimates range from an hour or two for many courses on up to 3 hours for others. These courses are taught in an interactive, engaging and easy to navigate format and are offered at a very low cost.

  1. Telephone Etiquette - How to make the caller feel glad they called from hello to goodbye
  2. Trust & Rapport Building - How to strengthen relationships in a business setting
  3. Active Listening Skills - How to prevent errors and earn the right to be heard
  4. Problem Solving - How to systematically solve problems without creating others
  5. Defusing Anger - How to defuse anger quickly and safely
  6. Stress Control - How to minimize the impact of stressors in the work setting
  7. Managing Customer Expectations - How to create and change expectations without evoking anger
  8. Business E-mail Etiquette - How to communicate responsibly using email in business
  9. Goal SettingHow to prioritize, achieve more, and keep your own morale high
  10. Creating Customer Loyalty - How to analyze your customer interactions and develop actions for improvement

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Observable skills that provide measurable outcomes - view Client Quotes

  • Tests at the end of each module demonstrate knowledge gained
  • Test results are e-mailed to up to three people you designate
  • Transcripts are available during the 12 month term of membership

Job Aids for each course: Participants can access and print these valuable brief checklists and managers can use them to guide observation of the skills being used back on the job.

Coaching guide and Microsoft Power Points practice session slides with detail "how to" notes available for download online. There is no additional charge to access these support tools for qualified * individuals.

  • Practice the skill sets course by course in sequence and collectively use observation checklist job aids to identify areas needing improvement
  • Use online coaching guide to help your staff achieve unprecedented results

To qualify to access the coaching materials: You must be personally registered and complete the courses with a passing score. The staff you coach must also be registered to take the courses.

Highly interactive and engaging course designs. Learning activities include:

  • Smart Schools,
  • Drag and drop,
  • Practice sessions,
  • Listen and learn
  • Video clips
  • And other learning activities engage the learner for better results.

Note: All courses have learning activities but not all courses contain all learning activities listed here.

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