Client Comments and Results

"I believe this course was very informative. It taught me different techniques and telephone etiquette processes to utilize for providing the best customer service possible for the customers to feel comfortable so they knew that I was trying my very best to help them. I liked the style of learning that was made available at my disposal and I will definitely make sure that I use it in the future."
Annette S, Customer Service

"It was really helpful to have this course study and to have a "refresher course" to be reminded of how much customer service starts and ends with me.

Each training guide was helpful in it's own way and I will benefit from each one."

Linda B., PSR

"This course is fantastic and the ease of use and ability to work at your own pace make it even better. The courses are geared toward providing exceptional customer service no matter what profession or service may be provided.

The information is in-depth without being elementary. I learned so much and have found that both myself and the 16 staff members who work for me are utilizing what we've learned in our daily interactions. The topics covered give great insight to improving even the best customer service providers. I highly recommend this to anyone who provides even the slightest bit customer service in their day!!"
Tracey R. Helpdesk Supervisor

"I found the course very reveling. There's things in here that make you think and that's a good thing. It's a brief and to the point course. It shows you may real life situation and how to handle things, both good and bad. I've dealt with people on all ends of customer service and the bottom line is that all anyone wants is whatever the product their paying for is what it's supposed to be and on time, and if not then we as people expect an answer and a solution as soon as possible, and not the run around. So yes I see a lot of good not only for myself, but for anyone who takes this course. Thank You"
Don H - Helpdesk Analyst

"I found the information useful for both my professional and personal life. Active Listening is so important in all relationships and particularly with initial customer interactions. The checklists of steps to follow seem like an easy way to avoid many conflicts and help me create a new way to respond. I also enjoyed taking the 'exercises & case studies' portion of the courses. Thank you for making the content relevant and easy applied to my daily life."
Patti W. Business Development

"I have seen a return on the investment already. I had one rep relate how she used the strategies in defusing anger [course] to calm a customer down and move forward in problem solving. She was ecstatic! We are spending an hour each morning on training and developing our skills. I hope to relate more victories in the future."
- Bryant McN - Customer Service Director

"While at Tyco M/A-COM I utilized STI for a company-wide [web-based] program for customer service, we trained over 800 employees with your program! The management team was very pleased with the results of that program and I enjoyed working with the STI staff as we developed the program.”
- Mike E. - Vice President

"In my line of work, the tools that I have learned in the courses have truly been a great tool to use. It has helped me to be more of a people person and to learn why people are the way they are and how to deal with them in a professional manner.

I have been in the customer service field for more than 6 years, and I have not learned as much as I have in these 9 courses. And it only took me a week. It has taught me the proper way to make and receive telephone calls and emails. Plus other things as in stress management and problem solving. Thank you soooo much."
- Diona W - Customer Service Representative

"This course was very helpful in a lot of ways. It made me think more about how I do thing and how I respond to things that put a positive swing on every thing that I do."
- Annette S - Customer Service Rep

“Courses were right on target for my department. I have been able to relate to each one and appreciate the useful tools and tips to apply. I certainly would recommend these classes and look forward to more classes online.”
- Mary B. Customer Relations

"Being in Customer Service for over 20 years, I thought I knew it all, but surprise, surprise, even an old dog can learn something new.

"I was amazed at how much I knew and was doing correctly, throughout all the courses I took, but also how much I did not know and how much new information I have learned, which has opened my mind to a better understanding of myself and others I come in contact with.

Thank you for a very fine approach to setting up your training modules, it was very user friendly, extremely informative, hands on, and mind opening."
- Chris Y - Senior Field Service Technician Specialist

"Great courses, a gentle reminder of things we sometimes get too busy to think about."
Autumn G. Customer Service Rep.

"I am new to management and this course was very helpful to me. I enjoyed learning different ways to communicate and listen to our customers and my co-workers. I have all the courses printed and I will be using each of these to help advance my management skills in the future."
- Annie B. Manager

I have just finished the course and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it! I know I will be applying this on the phone with our patients, in meetings and outside of work. Thank you so much for putting together such clear, helpful, practical and well organized courses. :)
- Joan S