Marina Customer Service Training Courses

Active Listening LogoActive Listening (30 - 60 minutes)

In this course, the participant will learn the five core listening skills and the situations in which they should be used. They will understand how to use active listening to avoid miscommunications and directly improve relationships.

These skills will help your staff avoid many costly errors and disagreements because the person getting the instructions to complete a task did not “actively listen.”

Telephone Etiquette IconTelephone Etiquette(30 - 60 minutes)

This course provides the necessary guidelines, knowledge and skills to ensure a positive impact to all callers. It’s not just the person who routinely answers the phone in your marina who needs these skills - it’s everyone on your team. 

Telephone behavior sets customer expectations of your staff’s ability to help with their situation or request.

Email Etiquette LogoEmail Etiquette (60 - 60 minutes)

Communicating with both staff and customers by email is now as routine as talking with them on the phone. Just as telephone etiquette is a mission critical skill set, so is email etiquette in today’s marketplace.

Teach your team the importance of correct email skills and have your customers compliment your marina on its competency and efficiency.

TrustAndRapportLogoTrust and Rapport Building (30 - 60 minutes)

This course will show the participant how to use the specific skills which make trust and rapport building quick and easy with almost every customer. Customers will seek to do business with people they feel comfortable with and whom they can trust. When customers don’t feel secure when they interacted with someone representing your marina, it is usually because that person did not establish rapport.

Establishing trust and rapport is essential to building lasting relationships with customers.

Problem Solving LogoProblem Solving (60 - 90 minutes)

The costs associated with not having a systematic problem solving model are phenomenal. Usually these costs get blamed on ‘bad’ judgment or poor decision-making ability, when it is more often simply a lack of knowing how to use a clearly defined problem solving process.

Having a problem solving process in place will help your team successfully and consistently meet the challenges they face, while at the same time, avoid the repeated hazards sure to come without using such a process.

Defusing Anger LogoDefusing Anger (60 - 90 minutes)

Have you ever heard that you cannot reason with an angry person? No matter what you do to try to satisfy the customer, the anger is still there. You don’t have to lose a customer just because they got upset.

96% of dissatisfied customers may not tell you but will complain to other potential customers. If they are really upset, research shows they will complain one-to-one to about 20 people. With email "listservs," we routinely see complaints.

The strategies taught in this course enable you to help the customer release the anger and become your advocate, even if you cannot solve their immediate problem.

Stress Control LogoStress Control (60 - 90 minutes)

In this course you will learn the mental, emotional and physical signs of stress. You will be able to use the five phases of the stress response process and several coping methods effective in each phase. You will also develop a personal “stress control plan” to fit your specific needs.

Stress control is a life skill that will help keep the medical costs down, reduce turnover and dramatically improve customer perceptions of service competency.

Goal Setting LogoGoal Setting (60 -90 minutes)

Motivation to achieve comes from having a clear target, developing a strong emotional desire, creating a doable action plan, allocating the resources (especially time) and taking action. Goals that are written provide a mechanism to review, refresh, and stay focused on what you want.

Motivate your team to achieve by having written goals to accomplish that are in alignment with your marina goals.

Managing ExpectationsManaging Customer Expectations (90 - 120 minutes)

Managing expectations, yours and others, is usually a simple task of agreeing on what is to be done and all parties delivering on that agreement. However, when unexpected complications occur, proactive communication, defusing negative emotions, and previously agreed upon fall-back plans can impact the service recovery outcome.

When armed with managing expectations skills, your staff will automatically sell your marina services and gain repeat business from your customers.

Creating Customer LoyaltyCreating Customer Loyalty (90 - 120 minutes)

The purpose of this course is to provide the participant with the knowledge, skills and strategies necessary to create loyal customers. It incorporates skills and content from previous courses.

In a tight economy, creating customer loyalty is imperative for survival and critical to sustain growth.

* Prerequisite courses - the content taught in the following list of courses will be used in the process to create customer loyalty:
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Trust and Rapport Building
  • Active Listening
  • Problem Solving
  • Defusing Anger
  • Managing Customer Expectations

Coaching Materials Available Online

To qualify to access the coaching materials: You must be personally registered and complete the courses with a passing score. The students you coach must also be registered to take the courses. You must have a total of five people registered including yourself. Please call if less than five people.

Customer Service Excellence Job Aides:

  1. These are brief checklists of key skills and concepts for all courses. Open, print (color or black & white) and cut to size.
  2. The job aids can be used as observation checklists to meet Level III evaluation requirements.
  3. They are great for skill reinforcement reminders in the participant's workspace.

Customer Service Excellence Practice Session Slides
Using the job aide cards, these MS Power Point ® * slides with leaders guide instructions included in "notes," will enable your facilitator the means to build spontaneous fully tailored roll-plays and practice sessions on the fly.

Coaching Manual
This manual provides the basics of how to "Coach."


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